[34TH] call of Duty II server :-

  This server is running the AWE v3.4.2 mod (Punkbuster Currently OFF).

  The main Modifications are shown below:

  Hit Location Damage ~ Secondary Weapons ~ Sprinting ~ Fall Damage ~ Jump/Shoot Disabled

  Health Regeneration + Dropped Medi Packs ~ 5 Second Fuse Cookable Grenades

  Fog, Dust, Rain, etc removed from maps ~ Explosive shot Carbine & TT30 Pistol if available

  DM & TDM :- All Weapons Menu with 2 frag Grenades and Infinite Ammo.

  Objective games are restricted to No Bolts or Snipers 1x Frag Grenade  + 1x Smoke Grenade.

  There are over 60 small/medium custom maps listed on two pages and available to play anytime by ingame voting.

  Ingame Press Esc ~ Vote ~ [AWE] Change Map. New maps shown in Green.

  AWE gametypes can only be guaranteed to work on Stock maps.



               Game Install Files

               Server maps
               Other Utilities & Fixes


  [34th] game Nights
  Wednesday and Sunday from 8.30pm GMT.
 Set on a Team DeathMatch mapcycle of small custom 


  Gametypes and Maps can be changed by voting.

The relevant maps are fast downloaded automaticaly from the server during play.