NOTE: AWE Gametypes can only be guaranteed to work on Stock maps  

 GAMETYPE Abr. Description
Breakthroughbt Capture objectives as they show on the compass.
Conquest TDMcnq Take ground by eliminating enemies team pushing back their spawn 
Capture the Flag Backctfb Team Capture the flag that spawns in random spots on the  map.
Dominationdom Objective is for team to own all of the control points on the  map.
Enhanced Capture the Flagectf Capture the flag with additional configuration.
Enhanced Headquatersehq Headquaters (KOTH) with additional configuration.
Enhances Search & Destroyesd Search & destroy with additional configuration.
Hitmanhm Team game. Assassin type game.
Hold the flaghtf Team game. Capture and keep hold of the flag to accrue points.
Individual Hold the Flagihhtf Non team game of Hold the Flag.
Liberationoitc Objective to capture and jail all other team. Jailed team can be freed
 by team mates.
Last Man Standinglms Eliminate all the other players. No respawning.
Last Team Standinglts Eliminate all the other team. No respawning.
Onslaughtons Capture flags in order of appearance on the compass and push the
 enemy to their camp.
Retrievalre Collect the enemy radio and bring it home.
V.I.Pvip Kill the VIP of the other team while protecting yours

The relevant maps are fast downloaded automaticaly from the server during play.