General Fixes

  1. Game fails to start. Right click the game icon - properties.

      Tick Run as Admin.

      Select Compatability Tab and set to Windows XP service pack 2.


  2. Game fails to start (black screen) it could be a sound failure. 

      Go to your Control Panel and choose sound. 

      Right click in the window and choose  "Show Disabled Devices". 

      Go to the Recording Tab and set the Stereo Mix as enabled if disabled. 

  3. Use "API-RENDER ERROR" if you get this error. Unzip the exe file and replace your original. 


  4. 21:9 wide screen fix. Go here :-

  5.  Manual pdf download here of find it in the docs folder of your installed game.

  Windows 10

  1. Game fails to start (black screen). 

      (a). It maybe just taking a long time to load, up to 2 minutes, a problem with Windows 10.

      (b.) Go to your game folder and open the folder called Main. Check that the game has created a Players folder here.

      If not use this example (players folder) temporarily and copy it into that folder. 

      The game will then overwrite it and create your own later. 

      (c). Try putting a headphone jack in. This is an "odd" fix.

  2. Brightness does not change.

     Open "config_mp.cfg" found in the players folder of your game. Check any mods folder also.

     Search for "r_overBrightBits=1". Change this to "=0"

  3. Direct X error message.

      This is fixed by installing older DX files. Download the official installer from 34th here: Dx Fix

      Or go here to download from the Microsoft website:

      This should also fix any Windows 7 DX errors. This will not effect any other already installed Dx files.

The relevant maps are fast downloaded automaticaly from the server during play.