#Map NameFile Download
File Size (mb)Gametypes
 X0 Vacant mp_vacant_5View  Download
33.0 dm tdm ctf sd hq
 X1 Farm Village mp_farmView  Download
7.0 dm tdm ctf sd
 X2  View  Download3.0 dm tdm ctf sd
 X3 Dead End mp_deadendView  Download
5.4 dm tdm ctf sd hq re
 X4 Warzone 2 mp_warzone2e
View  Download
3.6 dm tdm ctf sd
 X5 Belgium mp_ohmy_desertedView  Download
6.0 dm tdm ctf sd
 X6 Gob AIm gob_aim
View  Download
21.0 dm tdm ctf sd hq
 X7 Deadyard mp_deadyard
View  Download
15.5 dm tdm ctf sd
 X8 Dropzone mp_dropzone
View  Download
9.0 dm tdm
 X9 JJ Aim mp_jjs_aim
View  Download
5.0 dm tdm

The relevant maps are fast downloaded automaticaly from the server during play.