[34TH] call of duty 4 server :-

  This server is running the Openwarfare v3.4.2 mod (Punkbuster currently OFF).
  Mod Options:

  Server setup as "UNRANKED". No custom classes but all weapons available.

  Choose your uniform before a Match ~  Add/Remove Silencer Attachment IN GAME ~ Sniper zoom

  Set new Mod key binds in Multiplayer Controls.

  Additional Openwarfare gametypes can only be guaranteed on stock maps.


  Fog, Dust, Rain, etc removed from maps ~ Health regeneration + Dropped medi packs 

  Jump Shooting is OFF - Friendly Fire is SHARED ~ Hit Location damage ~ Fall damage


  Pistols:- Colt 45 (12 clip slow auto fire) - USP (16 clip burst fire) - Beretta (10 clip fast auto fire).

  Winchester shotgun available as a secondary weapon ~ No grenade launcher attachments

  Weapon type effects moving speed

  Grenades:- No stun/Flash grenades ~ Frag grenade = 3.5sec fuse ~ Smoke = 20secs

  DM/TDM = 2x explosive 1x smoke grenades

  Objective games = No Snipers or Light Machine Guns - 1x explosive  + 1x smoke grenade.




               Game Install Files

               Server maps
               Other Utilities


  [34th] game Nights

  Wednesday and Sunday from 8.30pm GMT.
  Playing Retrieval and Search and Destroy.

  All other times set on a DeathMatch mapcycle of small custom 


  Gametypes and Maps can be changed by voting.

The relevant maps are fast downloaded automaticaly from the server during play.