#Map NameFile Download
File Size (mb)Gametypes
 V0 El Mechili mp_el_mechiliView  Download
33.0 dm tdm ctf sd hq
 V1 German Farm mp_germanfarmView  Download
7.0 dm tdm ctf sd
 V2 Trablusgarp mp_trablusgarpView  Download3.0 dm tdm ctf sd
 V3 Backlot mp_backlotView  Download
5.4 dm tdm ctf sd hq re
 V4 Kalzdaba mp_kalzdaba
View  Download
3.6 dm tdm ctf sd
 V5 Zaafrane mp_zaafraneView  Download
6.0 dm tdm ctf sd
 V6 Chelm mp_chelm
View  Download
21.0 dm tdm ctf sd hq
 V7 Boneville mp_boneville
View  Download
15.5 dm tdm ctf sd
 V8 Clervaux mp_clervaux
View  Download
9.0 dm tdm
 V9 Decoy Day mp_dacoy_day
View  Download
5.0 dm tdm

The relevant maps are fast downloaded automaticaly from the server during play.