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File Size (mb)Gametypes

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33.0 dm tdm ctf sd hq
 R1 Tobruk mp_tobrukView  Download
7.0 dm tdm ctf sd
 R2 Survival mp_survival_1 View  Download3.0 dm tdm ctf sd
 R3 Morte Ville mp_ctfView  Download
5.4 dm tdm ctf sd hq re
 R4 Doodi mp_doodi
View  Download
3.6 dm tdm ctf sd
 R5 Scopeshot gob_scopeshotView  Download
6.0 dm tdm ctf sd
 R6 French Town 2 mp_frenchtownv2
View  Download
21.0 dm tdm ctf sd hq
 R7 Devils Creek mp_devilscreek
View  Download
15.5 dm tdm ctf sd
 R8 Treachery mp_treachery_final
View  Download
9.0 dm tdm
 R9 Breach mp_breach
View  Download
5.0 dm tdm

The relevant maps are fast downloaded automaticaly from the server during play.