GAMETYPE Abr.MAP Support Conditions
Gametype Description
 Assassinationass"WAR" One team player is the VIP. Protect the VIP from being killed and escort to the
 extraction zone. No respawning.
 Behind Enemy Linesbel"WAR"
 Runners are chased by Hunters. Runners get points for staying alive. If a hunter 
 kills a runner they switch places.
 Capture and Holdch"SAB"
 Mode 1: Capture the flag that spawns in middle of map and hold it to score
 Capture the Flagctf"SAB"
 Mode 1:-  The flag remains where it was dropped and will  return automatically 
 after a certain amount of time if no enemy player captures it again.
 Freeze Tagftag"WAR"
 Completely freeze the other team. Get unfreezed to return back into the game. 
 To unfreeze:- Point to them and press the USE key to give them heat.
 Greedgr"DM + KOTH"
 Players collect enemy dog tags them to the drop zone.
 Gun Gamegg"DM"
 Players will go through a group of weapons and the player that completes all the 
 necessary kills with each weapon wins.
 Hide n' Seekhns"WAR"
 One team are the props the other the searchers. Searchers win by finding all the 
 props. Props win if at least one prop alive when the round time is over.
 Last Man Standinglms"DM"
 Eliminate all the other players. No respawning.
 Last Team Standinglts"WAR"
 The team that is completely eliminated losses. No respawning.
 One in the Chamberoitc"DM"
 You spawn with a handgun, one bullet and 3 lives. A player will get the victim's
 bullet every time he gets a kill. The game ends with the last player standing.
 Attackers collect the code book(s) and return to the drop off point.
 Sharp Shooterss"DM"
 Players have different weapons randomly assigned where every player will have
 the same weapon at any given time.
 Team Greedtg"SAB"
 Teams collect enemy dog tags and take them to the drop zone.

The relevant maps are fast downloaded automaticaly from the server during play.